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I do actually check things here occasionally
Believe it or not, I do check things here occasionally (aside from using it for tracking my own comics). I've just finished moving the comic tracker over to new hosting after close to 10 years hosting from a home DSL connection.
Posted 07.24.2012 @ 00:06:59 by foxworth
Back up.
Everything seems to be back up now. Yay for having connectivity again!
Posted 08.02.2006 @ 23:11:11 by foxworth
Recent Downtime
Thanks to good 'ol Verizon the DSL line went down last friday and as of writing this it still has not come back up.
Posted 08.01.2006 @ 20:31:05 by foxworth
Don't we all just love random power outtages? :\
Posted 11.05.2005 @ 22:40:00 by foxworth
Yearly update....
Well, it's been over a year since I've actually put something here. Everything seems to still be running pretty darn good. There's now over 1000 comics listed in the database which is really cool.
Posted 08.18.2005 @ 00:47:24 by foxworth
After months of niglect...
Since there are actually new people signing up and stuff I finally got around to updating the FAQ and fixing the broken script for messaging me (which was me making a really supid SQL mistake that I don't know why I did it), but it would appear that I've managed to get some attention as of late.
Posted 06.06.2004 @ 01:55:46 by foxworth
I revamped how the info on when a comic updates is stored so that it can be expanded. It only took 5 can's of Dr. Pepper and about half a bag of The Holy Dorito
Posted 05.05.2003 @ 15:16:48 by foxworth
Referral Stats
I added some code to the index script so that it's recording referral information that can be checked on the fly, not really that big of a deal, I'm just curious where my traffic is coming from :)
Posted 04.26.2003 @ 00:03:34 by foxworth
'Style' feature added
By request, I added a new feature to add 'style' info to the comics and the ability to sort by style.
Posted 04.02.2003 @ 15:09:17 by foxworth
I took out a feature
Now that the database has a metric buttload of comics in it, I took out the 'trackerbot' feature because it takes so long to run (trackerbot used to go out every now and then and check to see if comics had updated or not). I don't think it'll be missed too very much
Posted 03.28.2003 @ 21:43:30 by foxworth
fixed lots of bugs that I didn't know where there till I told the server to start logging errors to the browser instead of the main log file. Oh well.
Posted 12.23.2002 @ 16:28:59 by foxworth
trackerbot is now online
Well, I think I've gotten a good initial setup working. Now it's just a matter of running the daemon I wrote for a while and see how it works as comics actually update.
Posted 12.15.2002 @ 01:47:23 by foxworth
Yet another new project
I'm currently in the process of writing a script that will go out and query web comics to check and see when the last time the comic was updated. With some luck, this'll be a nifty new addition
Posted 12.15.2002 @ 00:17:06 by foxworth
Well, I think I'm done with the comments system now unless somebody comes up with a new cool idea to add to it.
Posted 12.11.2002 @ 00:29:08 by foxworth
New feature in the works
I'm thinking about adding a comment system to the tracker so that people who read a comic can post a comment about it for people who haven't read the comic yet.
Posted 12.10.2002 @ 13:02:41 by foxworth
News System Added
Added a new feature so I can post information that effect the tracker, like planned downtimes, explain downtimes and stuff like that.
Posted 12.10.2002 @ 13:02:36 by foxworth

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